​We delight in the beauty of
​the butterfly, but rarely admit
​the changes it has gone
​through to achieve that beauty.



​​Maya Angelou

La mia ispirazione

I don't know, in reality, what was the stimulus that changed my focus in life towards photography.   It was suggested as an outlet, as a distraction.  I didn't know that it would become a passion.

Once it became a passion, it fueled itself, without much help.   Well, of course. each new  project created a new inspiration - la mia ispirazione.   A new challenge, to capture with one or the many "clicks" of the Canon camera the timeless beauty of the subject and the colors, expression and emotion of the moment.   

Teachers said there were no "perpetual motion machines" - that always new energy was needed to maintain "motion" - but I think it may not be true.  Once photography became a passion and my inspiration was fueled, the creative machinery just began to work and has not stopped.  I hope it never will.....